Energetic development in Narva

Narva has been one of the most important industrial towns in Estonia. The electric energy was used already in the end of 19 century in Krenholm, in the biggest and important textile industry in this time in Estonia. Though, the first source of electricity in Narva was Georgi hydroturbogenerator with capacity 3000 kW in Krenholm Manufacture. After 1920 electricity supply started in all over the city.

The first years

In 1944 city Narva with lines and substations were ruined in The II World War. In 1952 Narva Electricity Distribution Network was founded in competency of “Eesti Kommunaalenergia”. J. Rudkovski was the first manager of the company.
In 1960 the “Eesti Kommunaalenergia” was liquidated and company went to the composition of Oil-shale region High-voltage network Narva station (was one part of Estonian Energy).
Company developed such till 1992.

1993-  Start as an independent company.

1 January 1993 an independent company from Estonian Energy was founded-  Narva Electricity Distribution Network. The new epoch in the company`s history started.

1995- Direction to the privatisation

1990`th in Estonia were years of privatisation. The year 1995 was a critical turning-point to Estonian energetic system. The restructurings started inside Estonian Energy, where the company was divided into technical and commercial parts. The plan was to share company into 3 parts: stations, transmission networks and distribution networks.

1996 – separation from Estonian Energy

The 1996 privatisation plan foresee composing new independent companies: Narva Electricity Distribution Network, Iru Station, Läänemaa Distribution Network and concern Estonian Energy.
The Government examined the privatisation plan and in 19 December 1996 the government act was signed to found two independent companies: Narva Electricity Distribution Network and Läänemaa Distribution Network on the basis of Estonian Energy.

1997- start separately from Estonian Energy as an independent company

In 28 August 1997 the Government of Estonian Republic decided to found Narva Electricity Distribution Network.
Since 4 September 1997 Company is in the register of companies as well.

1998- privatisation of NEV

In 1998 the board of Privatisation Agency decided that the owner of 49% shares is Startekor Investeeringute OÜ (⅔ owner of shares is American energy concern Cinergy Corporation).

1999 up to now

In May 1999 the rest of 51% shares were sold to Startekor Investeeringute OÜ. So the company became a private company.
The main emphasis before was to develop company’s technical side, but now we attach value to the development and improvement of customer service. The constant personnel training take place and in 2001 we opened a contemporary customer service rooms in order to offer prompt and convenient service to our customers.
Our purpose is to offer a quality service with competitive prices to our customers.

Since 22 August 2002
- 100% share owner of  Narva Electricity Distribution Network is Sthenos Group who acquired ⅔ shares from US Cinergy Global Power Incorporation.

Since September 2003 - the majority of the shares of Narva Distribution Network has been having the Austrian investment company - ECE European City Estates AG. The minority of the shares of Narva Distribution Network has Sthenos Grupp.

In June 30, 2006 sale agreement was signed by Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG) AS and previous owners under which VKG AS became the new owner of the company from July 1, 2006. Starting from that time VKG Elektrivõrgud is the part of the VKG holding.

Despite of owner changes, the main targets and strategies of our company remain the same- good level customer service, professionalism, reliability and competitive prices.