Meter readings


Сustomers can report monthly readings starting from the 1st to the 5th day of the current month. Meter reading should be reported by all clients, regardless of whether meter is located in the apartment or outside. Meter readings do not need to inform those customers who automated meter reading system (AMR), as well as to customers whose meter is located outside of the house. If client does not report meter readings, he will be billed based on the estimated readings (reading is denoted by letter "p" on the invoice).

Meter readings can be reported:

  • at the E-Service
  • by phone: 716 6633, 716 6632
  • by e-mail:
  • in writing at the address: 11 Paul Kerese, 20309 Narva
  • though the mailbox at the lobby of customer service at 11 Kerese St, Narva; in the foyer of customer service at 7 Kajaka St, Sillamäe, and at the city government of Narva-Jõesuu, 25 Koidu St

When writing messages counters must be specified:

  • Number of your electricity sales contract (number can be found on any invoice of VKG Elektrivõrgud OÜ), or the address of the consumption place,
  • Meter readings.

Sample invoice

If the client dual-rate meter, then day and night readings are to be indicated separately.