The major part of the enterprise`s culture are its traditions. Traditional events, such as Christmas, Summer Days, employees` anniversary celebrations are usually held together with the long-time partner of the company, VKG Elektriehitus (a separate enterprise for electrical construction was established in 2004).

The most preferred traditions at the enterprise are celebrations of Men`s and Women`s Days with their long-term background, as well as yearly organisation of Summer Days.

VKG Elektrivõrgud traditions have always been one of the valuables among with employees competence and high quality of client cervice.

We have been to Riga and Tartu Aquaparks, Kütiorg - the deepest valley in Estonia. Our traditional Summer Days were held in many beautiful places of Estonia: Hiiumaa, Viljandi, Pärnu, Hirvemägi, Võrtsjärv, Alajõgi (Peipsi Lake).