SiseoueVKG Elektrivõrgud OÜ started its activity as an enterprise in 1952, when the trust Estonkommunalenergo was established. The department of Narva Electrical Networks formed its part. In 1960 it passed to High-Voltage Networks of the Oil Shale Basin. The independent enterprise Narva Electrical Networks was established in 1993 and belonged to the state concern Eesti Energia. In 1999 as a result of privatization process Narva Electrical Networks became a private enterprise which has belonged to VKG concern since 2006.

Within all this time several generations of employees have passed. But till actual time VKG Elektrivõrgud still keeps its traditions, such as events, extra benefits for its employees and general climate at the enterprise.

In 2008-2011 there were two accidents resulting with heavy injuries for the workers. In 2012-2014 there were not accidents.

Internal training, work permits and internal tests are organized according to a special procedure fixed by the administration.  There is also a planned system of external training. Yearly the enterprise allocates budget money for its employees` training.

VKG Elektrivõrgud is comfortably located in the centre of Narva town. The employees can use a free of charge sauna. There is a special recreation and dining room. There is an own fenced territory under security surveillance. The enterprise takes care of its employees health.  All employees can use swimming pool free of charge, all costs for making sports are also undertaken by the company.

The enterprise invests money in both work conditions and equipment of employees. An important contribution is also made by the Council on Working Environment which task is to participate in improvement of labour conditions.