Trade Union of VKG Elektrivõrgud employees

Social ResponsibilityFor Employees

The Trade Union of VKG Elektrivõrgud employees was established in 2000. Also, employees of VKG Elektriehitus AS, long-term partner of VKG Elektrivõrgud, belong to the same trade union. Employees of both enterprises worked together until 2004, when electric constructions service was formed to be a separate enterprise. Today the trade union includes 43 people, i. E. 33% of the whole amount of employees of  VKG Elektriehitus and VKG Elektrivõrgud.

Ms Gulnara Paal (tel. 716 6640) is the president of the trade union. The president is elected by voting for 3 years.

Our trade union has good relations with the administrations of both enterprises, as well as with the trade union of chemical workers of VKG.