EnviromentDue to specificity of production process at VKG Elektrivõrgud there is no pollution of natural resources nor dangerous waste stock taking place. Nevertheless, the enterprise effects risk  assessment towards environment. Major ones are:

Handling of Electronegative Gas (SF6)

The main danger of electronegative gas for environment is the fact it does contain „freon”, official reason for birth of ozone holes. Electronegative gas used in electric equipment switches works as a medium enabling extinguishing electric arcs. High electric strength of electronegative gas lets shorten isolation distances along with low operating pressure of gas. As a result, mass and dimensions of electrotechnical equipment decrease.

Only specially trained employees are allowed to work with equipment containing electronegative gas. Its handling is strictly reglemented by EU directives. At present the enterprise is paying a special attention to monitoring of electronegative gas leakages which are practically excluded. Control of gas pressure is effected automatically with signalization data showed on the operator panel.

Maintenance and utilization of oil containing units

Oil containing units, mainly transformers and swithes from Soviet time, are dangerous for environment due to their fire unsafety and possible soil pollution as a result of leakages. In order to avoid ignition and transfer into soil or water, the equipment is operated and utilized in accordance with fixed regulations. There are special oil collectors used for supply transformers over 1 MBA to prevent oil transfer into soil in emergency case.