In its sponsorship activity VKG Elektrivõrgud OÜ focuses on local cultural and sport events mainly held in Narva and Sillamäe.

During of previous years we permanently sponsored:

  • Sports Basketball Club Viktoria;
  • Sillamäe Music School;
  • Sports Club Energia, main sports are swimming, box and rowing;
  • Sports School Energy, main sports are rowing, biathlon, basketball, volleyball, box, judo, cycling, motosports and swimming;
  • Theater Ilmarine.

VKG Elektrivõrgud is always open to local social and culture organisations and is a reliable partner to local authorities.

Any questions, suggestions or applications can be addressed as follows: e-mail: or mail: 11 Paul Kerese, 20309 Narva. Contact phone for further questions: 716 6623 (Assistant to the Board Jelena Goncharova).

In 2016 we do not offer sponsorships.